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I need to buy digital currency. How to pay the order?
Posted by Michael A on 25 February 2014 05:50 PM

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The process of buying bitcoins and other digital currencies using our service is as simple as making a purchase from an online store! All you need to do is to fill in the short form, confirm your information, and your order is ready for payment.

There is no need to register at the website, after creation of any order you will automatically become registered! Depending on the amount and payment method selected, you may be required to pass through the identification process. Please read about the identification procedure in the article "How to become a verified user?".

The payment for bitcoin purchase can be realized in various ways – bank transfers (including internal transfers in local currency in a number of countries!), credit/debit cards, cash deposits, prepaid vouchers and many others! Detailed information about supported payment methods can be found in "What payment methods can I use to buy digital currency?" article.

After you make the payment, your digital currency account will be funded automatically, and you will get confirmation email with all details (a link to our poll "What do you like/dislike using 247exchange?" will also be there, kindly participate to help us to build a perfect service).

As you can see, purchasing bitcoin with us is as simple and convenient as buying goods online! Every step of the application is accompanied by tips or comments and our 24/7 multilingual support is here to answer your questions any time of the day and night!

Detailed instructions about the buying process depending on chosen method: 

Waiting for your orders! Purchase bitcoin, litecoin, etc. on 247exchange now!

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