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How to sell digital currency using SWIFT/SEPA bank transfer?
Posted by Michael A on 25 December 2013 02:56 PM

All you need to do is just follow a few simple steps to sell (withdraw) bitcoins, litecoins or other cryptocurrency using bank transfer:

1.Create a "Sell" order at by filling in the few forms with your personal details and your bank information. 

Carefully enter your bank details, try not to do mistakes – it’s way easier to enter the data correctly, then to correct mistake after the wire will be sent!

Please be very careful with the data you enter! Incorrect bank details can cause delays and extra fees.

Carefully enter your bank details, try not to do mistakes – it’s way easier to enter the data correctly, then to correct mistake after the wire will be sent!

Afterwards you will receive email with password for access to your Personal Account.

2. Depending on the order amount and few other factors you may be required to verify your identity. The identification procedure is quite simple. It will not take much time, and is required just once. *

It’s easy like 1-2-3 to become a verified member of our exchange users community!
In some cases we can give you the possibility to create small test order without verification. Please refer to the section of our help system, dedicated to identification questions/answers for details, starting from step-by-step verification guide!

3. As soon as our compliance department approves your application, you will get e-mail notification. Please access your Personal Account, choose "Orders" from the menu and click "Details" button next to your last order.
Your withdrawal order details, selling rates and fees can be checked here.
4. Review your bank details once again. If everything is correct, click the "PAY" button, and we will send you Bitcoin (Litecoin, Namecoin, etc.) address to pay your order. Please beware that if you will not make cryptocurrency transfer in time (the timer in upper right corner), bitcoin selling rate might change. But don’t worry, we’ll give you enough time (read more)!

The time given will be enough not to hurry, but don’t delay your order please!

That's all! Now you can relax and wait for your money to arrive. We will send the required amount instantly after you’ll send us digital currency (you’ll receive email notification with details of payment).

You will usually see the confirmation with payment details in your mailbox instant after your coins transfer will get enough confirmations!

The time of waiting for your bank to credit your account will depend on the payment method selected. International wire transfers (SWIFT) usually take 1-3 business days, and SEPA should be received the next day at the latest.

Please don't forget to answer our short surveySpending few minutes answering questions about what you like/dislike in our website and the process of selling will provide invaluable assistance to us; please help us to develop a perfect service for you!

Feel free to contact our 24/7 support with any questions or concerns. We’ll be glad to help you find the most beneficial way to sell your bitcoins into cash!

Just try our service once and you’ll stay with us forever! 247exchange is the best way to withdraw bitcoins you can imagine!

* – In some cases you may be required to upload additional documents or provide additional information submitting the following orders.


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