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Knowledgebase: How to pay my order
Can my friend or relative (i.e. 3rd party) pay the order for me?
Posted by Michael A on 10 February 2014 11:32 AM

In accordance with our AML program and KYC policy, as well as for prevention of fraud and using the service for illicit activities, we highly restrict the transfers from 3rd parties, because we need to identify our client. Our client is the person who makes the payment to us.

If you need your friend or relative to fund your e-currency account, the easiest solution will be to ask him (her) to make an order at our website himself, specifying your e-currency account in "Bitcoin Address" field. After completing the required identification, this person will receive detailed instructions how to do the transfer or will be redirected to payment gateway to make payment online. Do not worry, we have detailed instructions and large knowledge base, our support is available to chat or call 24/7/365; so, every internet user will be able to make and pay the order!

Despite the ease of the process of buying bitcoins at 247exchange, we understand that in some situations the abovementioned procedure can be impossible. If that’s your case, please contact our Compliance Department through our ticketing system and describe your situation in details. Your problem will be considered, and solution will be offered.

Please note, if you pay yourself at our website and you want your friend or relative to receive the BTC, USD, etc. transfer from us, we just need to know the third party's details. We ask some information about the beneficiary in accordance with our AML program, but we don't need to fully identify the recipient, 3rd party in that case.

If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact our support team - it’s our pleasure to help you!

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