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What are your Exchange Rates and Service Fees?
Posted by Michael A on 08 February 2014 11:04 AM

Our Exchange Rates are calculated based on the market rates, they are updating every few seconds. We develop and use different strategies to minimize the risks of digital currencies exchanging as a protection against the volatility of bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) price like automated trading at various marketplaces, hedging, etc. 

Service Fees are kept at a minimum. Unlike most of our competitors, we are a licensed financial company with 100% transparent methods of doing business. We comply with the AML and KYC Policies, all our banking and payment processing partners aware of our business nature that significantly reduces risks. 

To make the exact calculations, please use our site's calculator in buy, sell, or exchange sections depending on what service you need. Just fill out our easy online application form, and all the fees for your payment method and amount will be calculated instantly! Also for your convenience, the current Bitcoin exchange rates are listed above the form.

If you would like to check the cryptocurrency rate and fees of your any completed order you should visit the Orders section of your Personal Account and click Details button next to the corresponding order. Here you can see the order type, its amount as well as other data including the cryptocurrency rate and our fee.

Please note that rates may change depending on the amount of an order (i.e., if you are selling 1 bitcoin, the rate can be different from the rate of 10 bitcoins sell order). 

We regularly carry out various promotions, offer you discounts and special deals. Check our website often, follow us in Twitter and join our Facebook group! Members and followers, especially the active ones, are frequently getting discount codes and various prizes!

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