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Can I use corporate (business) bank account to buy/withdraw cryptocurrency?
Posted by Michael A on 06 February 2014 02:32 PM

Sure, you can send us bank wire from corporate bank account to Buy cryptocurrency or Withdraw Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. to a business bank account as well as from/to your personal bank account. While making a new order, you will be asked if you are going to use your personal account or a corporate one. Please choose "CORPORATE", and enter the name of company and your position (your job title or other relation to company) followed by personal information.

Just fill in these fields and your business account will be ready!

The whole process of bitcoin purchase (or other digital currency) is well described in the article "How to buy bitcoins using SWIFT/SEPA transfer?". And you can find detailed instructions about cryptocurrency withdrawal process in our article "How to sell digital currency using SEPA/SWIFT bank transfer?"

Please note, that according to our AML/CFT Program and KYC Policy, during the process of corporate client identification you should provide us with both your personal and business documents (Certificate of Incorporation etc). In case you are representing company, being not an owner/shareholder or one of the directors/officers, kindly upload a document, authorizing you to act on behalf of the entity. The whole list of documents we accept for Identification Process you will find in the article "What documents are acceptable for Customer Identification Process?" of our Knowlegebase.

Verification of the business account is little bit more complicated then identifying a natural person, but it will not take much time as well!

The procedure of Identification is fully described in our article "How to become a verified user?".

If you already have registered a personal account on our website, but would like to move to corporate one, the easiest way is to create a new account using a different email address. In the future you should use your personal account for submitting orders paid by yourself and corporate account for orders that will be paid using your business bank account. If you just need to pay one occasional order from the your company name (or to withdraw cryptocurrency to your corporate account) and wouldn't like to create additional account on 247exchange, kindly submit a ticket to our Compliance/Risk Department.

If you still have any questions, or something is unclear, you are welcome to our 24/7/365 online chat. Our support team will be glad to assist you!

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