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How to become a verified user?
Posted by Michael A on 06 February 2014 02:29 PM

Identification is required once for every customer (although we do allow orders up to $300 in equivalent without one, please refer to the "Do you require the verification of your customers?" article for details). You should know that we have few "identification levels" (sets of rules, required for certain exchange amounts and/or directions). As a result, if you had already passed let’s say verification for medium amount exchange bitcoin to litecoin, before you will be able to withdraw big amount of coins by SEPA (for example), we may request additional document(s). Full information about current rules and limits is available in your Personal Account, "Overview" page, "Our Verification Rules" section.

Our current sets of rules, nothing compicated as you can see!

We recommend you to complete the full identification "in advance", beforehand. Such approach will result in faster completing of your future orders, i.e. when you will need an exchange available only to "higher level" of identification, you will not need to wait until our Compliance Department specialists will approve your order. There are two ways to start the verification process:

Log in to your Personal Account. Select "Overview" from the menu, and scroll down to "Our Verification Rules" section. You will see few sets of rules, for various exchange directions and/or amount. Choose what are you going to do, and click on "verify one" button if you want to start from uploading specific document.

Choose this option to upload one document (ID for example, or address confirmation etc)

If you want to complete one of the sets, uploading the documents one-by-one, click "verify all".

Pick this option, if you have everything you need for completing the whole “set"

Verification order will be created as a result.

After you create any buy, sell or exchange order, in case if requested amount/direction requires verification that you had not completed yet, the verification order will be created automatically

The history of your completion the identification process – verification order list.

You will not be able to get payment details for that order without passing through prior identification. The full list of your verification orders can be located inside your Personal Account, choose "Verification" from menu.

Any way will result in creation of the verification order. If we’ve requested more than one document from you, you can either upload it one by one (click the "verify" button in front of the corresponding point of the list), or if you have everything ready, press the "Start Verification" button to pass through all required steps one after the other.

Send us the required documents for approval using one of two ways.

Kindly provide us with requested details and upload the documents; the explanations for every step are very informative, so we will not repeat it here to save readers time.

Uploading documents is extremely easy! Everything is explained well in the process.

If you have any questions of concerns, you are welcome to submit a message ("Message History" section; the message will be sent to our Compliance Department directly).

Although our compliance department is not available 24/7 (unlike support), they are working in shifts to be able to assist you as soon as possible, so expect fast answer!

When you have sent us everything we had asked for, just relax and wait till our Compliance Department will check it. You will be notified by email about the success, or if our staff will have any questions or requests (for example, if scans of documents are very low quality, expired, etc). The whole process usually takes from a few minutes to a few hours, mostly it depends on the quality and quantity of your documents provided. The more transparent and cooperative you are, the faster identification will be!

Congratulations, you are now full member of our clients community, dear verified user!

You have absolutely no reasons to worry about the privacy of information submitted. InterMoney Exchange takes your privacy very seriously! All collected documents are moved to secure offline storage after identification is completed. Due to our Privacy Policy we will never share your personal information with the third parties, unless required by law of our jurisdiction.

Working with us, you have nothing to worry about; dealing with licensed financial company is the only safe way to do business! Try it once and you’ll want to do it again, start to exchange bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with today! Don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 support team if you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help!

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