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Why was I asked for additional documents or information (selfie, etc.)? How to minimize the identification process?
Posted by Antonio V on 14 May 2016 02:37 PM

We respect everyone's right for Privacy and are working hard to make Customer's Identification Process as easy and straightforward, as possible. It's not the easiest mission, though – every day we combat numerous attempts to defraud us and other people. Fraudsters are trying to pay with stolen cards' (and bank accounts') credentials, so we have to be extremely cautious with new users' verification.

If you were asked for additional data and/or documents, please don’t take it personally! Our software decides the required procedures, based on the information you provide us. Following these simple recommendations would make the process of identification extremely rapid, smooth and simple, will save your and our time:

  • Please refrain from using proxy, VPN, TOR and other anonymization software/tools while using our website(s);
  • Be so kind to register the personal (or business/work, military/government domain, etc.) email address you use daily;
  • We'd appreciate if you could provide us with the links to your social networks' accounts, websites etc. (if you have one(s)).

No worries, we will never spam you, will never share your details with 3rd parties for promotional, marketing purposes, etc., in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Your cooperation with us would keep the verification procedures to absolute minimum and the whole process – truly instant, easy, user-friendly and fun!

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