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Knowledgebase: How to pay my order
I need to sell digital currency. How to pay the order?
Posted by Michael A on 05 February 2014 02:41 PM

The process of selling bitcoins, litecoins and other cryptocurrencies with 247exchange is as simple as making a purchase from online store! The only difference is that you pay the order by digital currency, and instead of goods you will get fiat money (USD, EURO and other national currencies). All you need to do is to follow few steps:

1. Create an order filling "Sell cryptocurrency" form with your contact details, choose amount you need and preferred withdrawal method (bank transfers etc).

Please refer to complete list of supported bitcoin withdrawal methods. After that you will specify the payment information (bank details etc.). Please fill the form with extreme attention!

After you submit the order you will be registered at our website automatically, username and password will be emailed instantly.

2. According to our AML/CTF Program and KYC Policy, you will have to become a verified client before being able to pay, but sometimes we allow users to make small test withdrawals without any identification to try our service quality first. 

The procedure of identification is fast and easy. Please refer to our knowledge base, the article "How to become a verified user?" for details. You are notified by email, when our compliance staff will approve your account.

After submitting a "Sell" order and passing through the identification process, please enter your Personal Account, choose "Orders" from the menu and then click "Details" button next to the order, you need to pay.

Please choose withdrawal order, you want to pay for.

Double-check your payment details – remember that it will cause delays and/or extra fees if you change it after we send you money. If everything is OK in your order, please press the "PAY" button.

If your bank details are correct, just click the “pay” button to proceed further with withdrawal!

3. After clicking the "PAY" button, you will be provided with an address for making the payment. Start your Bitcoin client (or log into online wallet), choose the "Send" option, copy the address you’ve got into "Pay to" field and enter the transfer amount.

Please be careful, copying the address to clipboard, make sure that you’ve copied the whole address!

Remember that you will need to send exactly the same amount of coins that was specified in order! If you’ll discover that you have to change the amount, please create a new order. Sending amount different from the specified can cause delays in order processing.

As soon as the transfer gets enough confirmations (2 for bitcoins), your payment will be received, and we’ll pay out your order automatically! Once this is done, you’ll get an email with confirmation. This usually takes up to 15 minutes.

Once the transfer will be confirmed by the network, you will get confirmation email from 247exchange.

Please remember the rule: new withdrawal – new order – new address! When you need to withdraw bitcoins again, you should create another order and send bitcoins to the address provided in it. We generate unique address for every order to be able to determine, what order you pay for.

Pay attention to the fact that every order has its own time limit shown at top right corner of the order page!

The timer will show you, how long you have left to send e-currency. If you will not initiate btc transfer, after the time will run, withdrawal rate can be changed!

We give you enough time for completing the order, but if you make the transfer with delay, the order rate might be recalculated!

Kindly spent a few minutes answering some questions about what you liked/disliked in the service provided, your opinion is very important for us! We are working hard to create a perfect exchange service, and you can participate in it by answering our short surveys: What cryptocurrencies are most important for you?,  What payment methods should we add first?. Thanks for participation!

Don't waste no time, withdraw your litecoins, bitcoins, etc. instantly with the help of our service! Do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 support if you have any questions or concerns!

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