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Why can't I use temporary email to register 247exchange account?
Posted by Antonio V on 28 March 2016 02:43 AM

Unfortunately we can’t allow the registrations from temporary email addresses (also known as «throw-away», «disposable» emails). InterMoney Exchange™ is licensed and regulated International Money Exchange Operator; we hope you would respect our «Know Your Customer» policies and will provide us with the «real» email address.

Don’t worry, we will never spam your address, will never share it with 3rd parties for promotional, marketing purposes, etc., according to our Privacy Policy (details). We are truly committed to protect your Privacy! If you’d be so kind to register the personal (or business/work, military/government domain, etc.) email address you use daily, it will ease the process of your identification. As a result, we would require less documents/data, and your buying limits would be significantly higher!

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