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Knowledgebase: How to pay my order
Why can't I use Proxy, VPN, TOR, etc. while paying my order?
Posted by Antonio V on 27 March 2016 01:01 PM

Dear Customers! We respect anyone’s right to Privacy, but being a licensed and regulated Money Service Business, we have certain obligations.

  • One of the principles of InterMoney Exchange ™ business is strictly following the «Know Your Customer» policy. You would agree that the users, «hiding» behind the anonymization software are (even unwillingly) creating obstacles for the Customer’s Identification Process. It’s a common sense that the client wearing the mask, sunglasses, hijab, sombrero and masquerade costume at the same time would not being allowed to pay at any respectable financial institution (unless he would «de-anonymize» himself). We hope you’ll understand our point.

  • Another important factor is that we have zero tolerance for attempts to defraud InterMoney Exchange, our clients or anyone else. Please be aware that fraudsters use the same techniques that honest «masquerading» people do. It’s very hard to determine if the client is having legitimate intents when he is (figural speaking) wearing ski mask while entering the financial company, which works with other people’s money.

There are no risks for honest customers to reveal their «real» IP address and other information to the Company. Our Privacy Policy was designed to maximally protect the clients’ interests and we’ll never share your personal information with third parties for promotional or marketing purposes; please read the article Do you share my personal information with anybody? We really appreciate your trust, and thank you for continued support!

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