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What documents are acceptable for Customer Identification Process?
Posted by Natasha B on 24 March 2016 03:16 AM

InterMoney Exchange™ is licensed and regulated financial company, that obliges us to have KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML(Anti-Money Laundering) Policies. Being a Money Service Business, we have to know our customers and to collect some required documents and information about them. But there is nothing to worry about, according to our Privacy Policy all the data is deleted from the servers after our staff approves/declines the scans/photos and stored in secure offline locations.

Customer Identification Process depends on the order details: payment method and amount. Simply create an order at to see what we require for your case. Some orders can be done without any verification (for example, single withdrawal to cards up to $300 in equivalent), others require to upload documents and/or to provide other information.

Right after you will submit an order requiring your identification, you will be redirected to the Verification Page, where you will be able to upload necessary documents.

For Identity Confirmation we accept the following documents:

  • International passport,
  • National ID,
  • Driver license,
  • Any valid (unexpired), government-issued ID.
    If you are submitting Passport, please make sure that both the data and the signature (or any other, next to the side with photo and information) pages were uploaded; ID should be scanned/photographed from both sides.

In some cases only providing a valid ID scan/photo will be enough; for other orders, you might be required to verify you address, phone number, etc. Generally, more money you are moving – more information we ask.

For Address Confirmation you can upload any of the following documents:

  • Utility bill (water, electricity, land-line, gas, etc.),
  • Credit card or bank account statement,
  • Any valid ID (driving license etc.) with address, if not already used to verify your identity,
  • Letter, certificate or other document, issued by government institution/authority/agency (tax, national insurance, etc.).
    Be aware that any document should be no more than three months old and shows your name and current address.

Pay attention that document should be fully visible (with all the edges), all data should be clearly readable. We accept good quality color scans or photos. Clear picture taken with smartphone is normally acceptable.

If you want to make transfers on behalf of your company, please create a Corporate Account. For Business Verification please provide us with the following:

  • Certificate(s) of Incorporation or any other document(s) confirming formation/registration of the business,
  • Register Of Shareholders; as alternative we would gladly accept Certificate of Incumbency or any official document listing the directors and shareholders. You may also list the names/addresses of the shareholders and directors of the entity on a company letterhead and have this signed and stamped,
  • Appointment of Director(s).
    In case you are not an owner/director/shareholder, we’d also need your Power of Attorney or signed letter from director/officer authorizing you to make transfers on behalf of the company.

Verification is required one time only, although some exceptions might be applied. If your first exchanges were quite "small", but later you seriously increased your turnover, we will probably require some additional documents and/or information about your business activity. We recommend you to complete the full verification "in advance", so, when you will need an exchange available only to "higher level" of identification, you will not need to wait. As soon as you obtain «verified» status, all your orders will be processed instantly, and you will be able to buy, sell, exchange digital currencies in seconds!

Basic set of rules can be found in your Personal Account, in Our Verification Rules section. The whole Customer Identification Process is described in the article How to become a verified user?

Make an order on now and see for yourself how safe, quick and convenient we are! If you have any questions, or something is unclear, you are welcome to our 24/7 online chat. Our support team will be glad to assist you!

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