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What is Money Transfer Tracking Number?
Posted by Antonio V on 13 February 2016 04:27 PM

Money Transfer’s Tracking Number (also known as money transfer control number) is unique reference code assigned to any transfer you make, using any of the supported Money Transfer systems. The Tracking Number is generated by Money Transfer Operator during the process of the remittance. It is usually required to provide the number to pick up the transfer. Tracking Number can be found at the receipt you will receive from the Agent you used to send the funds. It’s usually highlighted with marker by the cashier:

Money Transfer Control Number (sample how to find one)

If you are buying Bitcoin (Litecoin and other digital currencies), you will be required to enter the Tracking Number during the process of paying «Buy Bitcoin» order. If you are selling Bitcoins or other digital currencies, 247exchange will automatically generate Tracking Number for you after the order will be paid.

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