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What banks do you have bank accounts at?
Posted by Antonio V on 20 December 2015 12:54 PM

Our company has several bank accounts in different jurisdictions, and with the help of our payment processing partners we have access to local bank accounts in various banks from a number of countries. Depending on your location, amount ordered and currency you are using, we will choose the most appropriate one for you in the process of order creation!

The list of supported banks is growing fast; so, our system will help you to choose the fastest and cheapest way possible. If you don’t see your bank of choice in the list, don’t get upset! We can also receive interbank transfers in local currency in most of countries. Such transfers can be a bit slower and more expensive then internal ones, but are usually much faster than international transfers (and depending on amount, can be cheaper as well). Detailed information about this can be found in answer to a question "Which countries do you have bank accounts in?".

At the moment we support direct transfers from/to the following banks and financial institutions:


19 banks and financial institutions:

  • BMO Bank of Montreal
  • Beaubear Credit Union
  • Copperfin Credit Union
  • Envision Financial
  • Interior Savings Credit
  • Libro Credit Union
  • Limestone Credit Union
  • Mennonite Savings and Credit Union
  • OPPA Credit Union
  • PenFinancial Credit Union
  • RBC Royal Bank of Canada
  • Scotiabank
  • Tandia Financial Credit Union
  • TD Canada Trust
  • The Police Credit Union
  • Toronto Municipal Employees' Credit Union
  • Valley Credit Union
  • Windsor Family Credit Union
  • Your Credit Union

Czech Republic:

  • Ceska Sporitelna (Česká Spořitelna), cash deposits also available!

...and much more coming soon! 

We also provide possibility to use fast and inexpensive SEPA transfers for the residents of European Union (or owners of bank accounts in the EU). If we do not have access to local bank account in your jurisdiction, we’ll suggest you sending an international bank wire transfer to one of companies’ bank accounts in Europe or Caribbean.

The transfer is possible in different currencies (the most up-to-date list can be found in answer to "Which fiat currencies does your company support?" question). International wire transfers usually arrive in 2-5 business days, SEPA in 1-2 days, and local transfers are usually instant (in some countries funds arrive within hours or next working day latest).

According to our mission to create the most rapid and convenient way to deposit/withdraw bitcoin in any country, we are in the process of negotiations with the most popular and reliable banks and payment processors all around the globe. Very soon we'll provide you with an opportunity for the fastest and easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins via local bank transfers wherever you are located and whatever currency you prefer! Follow us in social networks and forums and pay attention to our website new section!

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