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How to buy bitcoins in UK instantly
Posted by Antonio V on 24 July 2015 06:43 AM

There are a lot of ways to buy bitcoin in UK (including instant ones) with affordable fee using so if you are searching what is the easiest way to buy bitcoins in United Kingdom and where to do it, you’ve came to the right place! 247exchange is new and revolutionary exchange – easy, fast, reliable and available for everyone. Buying bitcoins in UK with us is same easy, as to top up the mobile phone! You can choose between few payment methods, available in UK so let us describe every way in details:

Buy bitcoins UK with credit card instantly

Buying bitcoins with credit or debit card is one of the easiest and fastest ways to buy Bitcoin, no matter where you are located and the best thing for UK based buyers, is that you can pay with GBP (as well as USD, EUR)! We accept all popular kinds of credit and debit cards including prepaid ones: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa Electron and our fee is the lowest on the market! All that you need to do is to follow the three simple steps and bitcoins will be delivered instantly to your account:

  1. Create a «buy» order at Choose «Credit/debit cards» as the payment method, specify the amount of BTC you’ll need and enter your first/last name(s) and email address:
    Buy bitcoin in UK with credit card, bank transfer or cash; convert GBP to BTC instantly!
  2. Identify yourself during the «verification» process. The process depends on the way of payment and if you are paying by card, you’ll have to upload your ID, address confirmation and leave your phone number; besides that you’ll have to verify your card. We’ll charge the random amount from your credit card and you’ll have to check your card statement (if you have online access, it will be instantly) and specify this amount during the next step.
    Verifying your credit or debit card for bitcoin purchase
    After our staff will approve your documents (usually takes from 15 minutes up to few hours), you will be ready to make the payment!

  3. Make the GBP (USD, EUR) payment with your card, same way as you buy other stuff online:
    buy bitcoin with credit or debit card with instant delivery
    Immediately after this your bitcoin (litecoin etc.) account will be credited with digital currency! Converting gbp to btc was never been so easy!

Sell bitcoin to cash and receive the payment to your card option is also available in UK, please refer to the «Sell» page. Although being extrem ely fast and popular way to purchase digital currency, buying bitcoins with credit card has some disadvantages comparing to other payment methods: it has quite low purchase limits (starting from $100/day for first two weeks, growing every 15 days), and the fees are a bit higher than the other methods (credit card processing is more pricey, than accepting bank or cash transfers) it is the best way to purchase relatively small amounts of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other altcoins! If you’ll buy btc for $100 for example, the fee will be almost the same as for the bank transfer or cash deposit, but if you need to purchase bigger amounts please check the other options:

Buy bitcoin in UK with cash instantly

Buying bitcoins with cash is another instant method of bitcoin purchase, available in UK for the clients of 247exchange. Thanks to cooperation between InterMoney Exchange (operator of 247exchange website) and MoneyPolo (rapidly growing money transfers network), you may use 400,000 locations worldwide where to buy bitcoins with cash! Use our Agent Locator at the «buy bitcoin» page to find the most convenient one for you. Locator with detailed instructions will show after you’ll choose the payment method (select «Instant Cash Transfers») and the cryptocurrency you need – bitcoins or litecoins, peercoins, namecoins etc.

Buying bitcoin in UK with cash available at London, Birmingham and all other cities

After you’ll submit an order and will complete your verification, you will be able to pay with cash in any MoneyPolo partners’ locations! MoneyPolo agent network in UK consists of well-known and reputable money transmitters, exchange offices etc. You can pay in GBP, USD or EUR at any own MoneyPolo office (London), or at partner branches – money transmitters like Contact (has agents in London, Birmingham and other cities – Small World, LCC, Global Link), UniStream, IntelExpress, Anelik, MoneyExchange, PrivatMoney, Leader and a number of others! Addresses and other information will be available during submission of an order!

Right after you will pay at one of the MoneyPolo locations, BitCoins will be instantly delivered to your wallet! You may also sell bitcoins and instantly receive cash in UK, using the same agent network – just create a sell order and make a payment.

Buying bitcoin with bank transfer

If you need to buy quite big amount of cryptocurrency with minimal fee and can afford to wait a day or two to let the bank transfer arrive to our account, this way will perfectly suit you! The process is easy and doesn’t differ much from the other payment methods; the only thing is that this way is not instant. As soon as the transfer will arrive to our bank account (GBP, USD, EUR and lots of other currencies supported!), your wallet (software where you store the money) will be instantly credited with bitcoins (ltc, nmc, ppc etc.) Please refer to an article «buy bitcoin with bank account» for details. Sell orders also have bank transfers option, it’s easy to convert btc to gbp with us and vice versa.

Wherever you are located and whatever exchange you need, we will be happy to serve you! Start from making an order now at and you will be amazed how easy, fast and safe 247exchange is! If you have any questions, our 24/7 multilanguage support is available for call, chat or email. Thanks for doing business with us!

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