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Knowledgebase: How to pay my order
How to buy bitcoins with cash?
Posted by Antonio V on 24 July 2015 05:09 AM

Buy bitcoins with cash at 247exchange is easy as 1-2-3! Exchange is instant; so, this is the fastest way to buy bitcoin on the market! InterMoney Exchange, the owner of the service, is offering you a lot of ways of buying bitcoin with cash, using instant money transfers (400,000 agent locations worldwide!), cash deposits at banks branches, ATMs, etc. in different countries. All you need to do, is to complete three fast and easy steps:

1) Create a "Buy Bitcoin" (litecoin and other cryptocurrencies are supported as well) order on No need to register, your account will be created instantly in the process of submitting an order!

Just fill the form correctly with your details: country where you are located, digital currency that you are purchasing (for example, if you need to convert cash in bitcoin, choose Bitcoin (BTC) in "You'll receive" filed) and your preferred method of payment in "You'll send" field.

Buy bitcoin with cash using 400,000 locations worldwide!

Based on your country of residence, you will be suggested a number of payment methods. The following options will allow you to buy bitcoin for cash: "Cash Deposit" and "Instant Money Transfer". The fees may differ, but you can check what will be cheaper for you and what banks/agents will be used to deposit cash without submitting an order - even map is available for finding the location nearby!

Buying bitcoins with cash was never so easy and affordable!

After you fill in the form, your account at 247exchange will be created, and you will be almost ready to buying bitcoin with cash instantly!

2) Now you will have to verify your identity. Depending on order amount and the method of payment, you will be asked to upload your ID and in some cases, other documents (according to our Anti Money Laundering Program and Fraud Prevention Policy), please see an article "How to verify my account" for details). Don't worry about the privacy of submitted documents; everything will be immediately deleted from the server after approval by our compliance staff. We store all private customers' data at secure offline location, so everything will be perfectly safe!

 Uploading documents is extremely easy! Everything is explained well in the process.

You will see, what documents are required for your cryptocurrency purchase order when you log in to your account. The process of identification is quite easy and fast and will not take a lot of time. Our compliance staff is working 24/7, so usually, your account will be verified in less than an hour. Instantly after account became verified, you will have an opportunity to buy bitcoins with cash!

3) And the final part - actually making the cash payment. Log in to your account, find the order you've submitted to us, and click the "details". You will find the most complete instructions about the process - information where you can make the cash payment (addresses of agents, bank branches, etc.) and other details (our account number, payment details, etc.).

Just visit the nearest location and make the payment! Please take your ID - the cashier may ask you to show it. Don't forget to get the receipt with the transfer’s Tracking Number to provide it us. That's all!

 Instructions how to buy bitcoin for cash in your location

Your bitcoins (litecoins or other digital currency) will arrive the same moment we receive the cash, so you will be able to use bitcoins you've purchased immediately after you make the payment. We provide instant service, and don't hold the clients funds! «Cashing out bitcoin» and a lot of other services are available.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact our 24/7 clients support speaking English, Spanish and Russian. We'll be happy to assist you with everything we can! Don't forget to follow our social networks accounts (Twitter, Facebook) to receive information about promos we regularly have and other important info. Thanks for choosing our service; we’ll be happy to see you among our constant clients!

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