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I need to withdraw digital currency. What withdrawal methods can I use?
Posted by Michael A on 23 June 2014 06:28 AM

247exchange offers customers many different and convenient methods of withdrawal. We look for new withdrawal methods every day and add the most convenient of them, so, you can find a method, easily use to sell your bitcoins or other cryptocurrency, and get money fast and with minimal fees.

During the process of submitting "Sell" order, after you will choose your country, you will see what withdrawal methods are available in your location ("you'll RECEIVE" field). At the moment we offer the following withdrawal options:

  • Credit/Debit Card - if you have credit card or debit card you need nothing more to get money from your bitcoin account, the only disadvantage is non-instant transfers;
  • Express Cash Transfer - 400,000 locations to get cash for your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies worldwide;
  • International bank transfers (SWIFT) – wherever you are located, your bank supports this; quite slow, but inexpensive for bigger amounts method of withdrawal btc, ltc, other cryptocurrencies to USD, EUR, GBP and many other national currencies (the whole list of supported currencies);
  • SEPA transfers – economic and fast way to withdraw your bitcoins to EUR (Eurozone only), arrive next business day;
  • Local bank transfers - in some countries we provide this fast method with minimal fees using local currency.

Please refer to an article How long does it take to purchase/withdraw cryptocurrency? for detailed information about timeframe. If you need step-by-step guide how to sell virtual currencies using your preferred withdrawal method, they are here:

We are constantly improving our service quality, costs, speed and ease adding new ways of withdrawal. At the moment we are working on increasing local banks support in number of countries, negotiating with various payment systems about adding transfers to cards and other convenient methods. Our own branded debit cards will be available in future as well! Check our website updates, and join us in social networks to know about these events first, get discounts and participate in prize drawings!

According to our mission to make our exchange service the easiest and most beneficial for everyone, we are adding new withdrawal methods and virtual money support, based on results of the polls:

Your opinion is very important for us, thank you for participation!

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