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What if bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) rate will change during the process of payment?
Posted by Michael A on 09 February 2014 10:35 AM

Bitcoin rate is highly volatile, and can either rise or fall dramatically in the matter of minutes. We care about your possible losses as much as about our own; so, after numerous tests and experiments, we’ve developed a system protecting your funds against the volatility caused losses. It works the following way:

After you have submitted an order, we are "freezing" the rate* for some time depending on payment method selected. This "window" stays open for enough time to make a payment.**

No need to hurry much, we’ll give you enough time to make a transfer!

So, if you will transfer the funds on time, you will get exact amount you’ve ordered!***

If we get the payment later, when designated time has elapsed, our service will compare the current bitcoin rate with the rate from your order. In case of substantial difference you’ll receive an email with the link to a page showing the current rate. Following the link you can either accept the current rate**** and be funded immediately or to refuse it.

If you’ve paid with delay, and bitcoin rate had already changed – you should check the actual rate and accept it!

In the latter case we'll offer you alternative options (refund, alternative cryptocurrency, etc.).

We guarantee the maximum protection of your funds from volatility of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies price as well as against many other risks! Dealing with licensed financial institution is safe and secure. Our business is under the control of the authority regulating our activity – International Financial Services Commission of Belize. Our paid up and unimpaired capital is enough to protect the customers’ funds from force majeure, company insolvency, etc. Our clients have nothing to worry about! 

P.S. Being the most customer-centric company, we are adding new cryptocurrencies support, based on our clients preferences. Please help us to reach this goal, spend a minute selecting the crypto(s) you want us to add to the service!

* Our btc rate is close to average market price, basing on the rates of major bitcoin exchanges, automatically updating every few seconds.

** The timeframe will be enough for most of payment methods (local transfers that are instant, credit cards, cash deposits, etc.). If you had chosen "slow" transfer like international wire, the rate will likely be recalculated upon arrival. We keep working on finding solution of this problem, stay tuned!

*** In a case of Force Majeure situation please see User Agreement for detailed information.

**** Sometimes the resulting btc amount will be smaller, sometimes - bigger; we are fair and 100% transparent and will never put the difference into our own pocket!

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